How does it Work?

Shock Waves are acoustic or sound waves that transmits energy.  When the waves terminate, a burst of energy is released into the tissue.  When focused onto a painful soft tissue area, the shock waves deliver a controlled amount of energy causing predictable effects and a healing response in damaged tissues.

We use a precision machine called the Swiss Dolorclast to produce the shock waves and to deliver the treatments.  The machine generates low energy shock waves that are precisely targeted to the affected area using a hand piece.  When the hand piece is placed on the surface of the skin the waves are delivered through the skin as a small shock wave that spreads inside the affected tissue.

Video of The Swiss Dolorclast showing how Shock Wave Therapy Works



Tendon and other soft-tissue problems become chronic (longstanding) and unresponsive to physiotherapy and other treatments when the healing response switches off.  The shock waves prompt the injured tissue to respond by switching back on on the healing process.  The blood supply to the injured tissue is increased, calcium deposits are dissolved and new cells generated.  This eventually leads to healing of the tendon or soft-tissue problem.

Patients are usually delighted to experience an immediate pain-relieving effect after each treatment.  This is followed by the longer healing process, which continues for many weeks after treatment.