Shin Splints (medial tibial stress syndrome)

What is Shin Splints?

“Shin splints” is a general term used to describe a painful condition affecting the shins.  It is caused by a number of conditions, the commonest of these being medial tibial stress syndrome.  Other causes are stress fractures of the tibia or chronic compartment syndrome.

Medial tibial stress syndrome is commonly seen in athletes especially those who over train or who suffer from overpronation.

How is medial medial stress syndrome diagnosed?

The diagnosis of medial tibial stress syndrome is usually made after excluding a stress fracture and chronic compartment syndrome. X-rays can sometimes spot a stress fracture but a bone scan or MRI scan is also commonly ordered to exclude a stress fracture and to look for typical findings seen in medial tibial stress syndrome.

How is medial tibial stress syndrome treated?

Over pronation should be corrected with appropriate footwear. Rest, icing, anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers can help symptoms.

Correct training practices are important, with avoidance of over training.

What is the role of Shock wave Therapy?

Recently there has been an interest in the use of shock wave therapy to heel this condition following some positive reports of its use.  We have started treating this condition recently and are monitoring our results carefully.

We have found shock wave therapy to be 70-80% successful for the treatment of shin splints in a wide range of patients; some of whom have had the condition for a number of years