Wolves Football Club use SWT for Tendinopathy Treatment

Shock wave Therapy (SWT) has proven to be a valuable intervention. This is according to Steve Kemp, Head of Medical Services at Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club.

Wolves, as they are often called, have used SWT to treat a number of first team players with great success. They have also provided tendinopathy treatment for players in the development squad, and academy, who have suffered from longstanding tendon problems.

Shock Wave Therapy for Tendinopathy Treatment

The club has used the same type of machine, which we at Specialist Shock Wave Therapy use on our clients. This machine, the Swiss Dolorclast, is very effective for tendinopathy treatment.

Shock wave therapy has been used to treat Achilles tendinopathy, Patella tendinopathy, Hamstring tendinopathy and Plantar fasciitis.

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