Having Shock Wave Therapy

The first step is an initial assessment to confirm the diagnosis or, in some cases, to make the diagnosis.  We then determine suitability for SWT treatment.  If suitable, we arrange a course of SWT treatment.  Typically 3-6 treatments are required at one week intervals.

SWT treatment is performed in the outpatient clinic.  It is virtually painless and no painkillers are required before or after treatment.

It is very important that patients should not take any anti-inflammatory medication for 10-14 days before the first treatment and throughout the course of treatment, as these can interfere with the healing process.

Each treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes.  The tender spot is marked, contact gel is applied and then the hand piece is applied.  A total of 2500 pulses are delivered per treatment.

Plantar fasciitis treated with Shock Wave Therapy Procedure. Call - 020-7127-4202Plantar fasciitis treatment with SWT2

Afterwards patients can mobilise as normal.  No time off work is required.  They should, however, not be more active than usual.

In the highly unlikely event that pain killers are required, patients should take paracetamol and not anti-inflammatory medications.